Flooring: Natural Flooring


Coir is full of natural character. It is made from the strong fibres of the coconut husk found in Kerala, India. The natural fibres are removed by hand and softened in sea water, so that they can be woven into a selection of designs. Coir is both durable and good value. It is available in a spectrum of golden shades from natural to bleached.


Jute gives a tweedy look and is soft underfoot. It comes from the stalk of the giant corchorus plants, grown in southern India. The natural fibres are fine, making Jute more suitable to relaxing rooms rather than heavily used areas. It is naturally light brown in colour and come in a tight boucle and herringbone designs.

Seagrass Collection

Seagrass grows in the tropical climates of China and Vietnam, in coastal meadows on the banks of the rivers. The natural fibre is harvested by hand, dried and hand spun into cords before being woven into flooring.

Mountain Grass

Bring the outdoors inside with Mountain Grasses, natural flooring which gives a luscious, loosely woven feel. Distinctive and durable, its charm lies in the natural irregularities and rich golden shades made from the outer fibres of the grass.


SisalĀ is extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant, which is farmed in Mexico, Brazil and East Africa. This natural fibre flooring is versatile and hardwearing making it an ideal choice for hallways and stairs. Tightly woven with a subtle sheen, the natural fibres combine well with selected colours for a touch of easy glamour.