Flooring: Hardwood Flooring

Our recommended hardwood flooring is The Handcrafted Collection from Kersaint Cobb & Company. Below are just a few reasons why…

There’s something very warm and comforting about natural timber flooring, whether engineered or solid.

The Handcrafted Wood Collection from Kersaint Cobb & Company offers three distinct finishes:

  • LACQUERED – The silky smooth Lacquered finish gives you a clean easy care everyday living.
  • BRUSHED – Get in the groove with our brushed finish, feel the texture of the raised wood grain. This floor has options of easy care lacquered finish or soft uv oiled finish for a truly natural look.
  • HANDSCRAPED – Walk the plank with our multi textured Handscraped finish. This timber is worked on by hand to uniquely scrape and contour the surface to give a truly weathered and aged feel that will take you back in time.

**V4,  Woodpecker, Xylo & The Parquet Range of realwood flooring from Quick-Step now in store too**